Next Generation Sequencing

      Before starting an experiment:
      Please contact Dr. Faber for an initial consult.

      Illumina Next Generation Sequencing Services:
      NGS services (library generation, (multiplex) library sequencing) are offered using an Illumina HiSeQ instrument. Waiting list is minimal: ideal for last-minute projects!! This includes (small) RNA-SEQ, DNA-SEQ, ChIP-SEQ, ATAC-SEQ and exome sequencing.

        General sample submission guidelines (see sample submission forms on Forms page)
      • RNA-SEQ / Small RNA-SEQ: 2 micrograms of total RNA (15 ul @ 100 ng/ul).
      • DNA-SEQ / exome sequencing: 5 micrograms of DNA (50 ul @ 100 ng/ul).
      • CHIP-SEQ: contact Core for consultation.
      • Finished Library: 50 ng or more (10 ul @ 5ng/ul)
      • We work with varying concentrations and volumes. If you are unable to provide the amounts listed above, please email us to discuss your project in more detail.

      Check Fees page for latest fee structure